——— Bringing kids One Step Closer through Wonder, Discovery and Identity ———


Birth – 2 Years

In TinyTown the youngest children play, sing, learn songs, eat snacks, and hear stories from the Bible. TinyTown provides a safe environment for young children to learn who Jesus is and how God made all of creation, including them. TinyTown introduces children to Jesus while playing!


3 Years – Kindergarten

In SmallVille kids play games, do crafts, sing songs, eat snacks, and learn more about Jesus. SmallVille provides a safe place for young children to learn more about the character of God, as well as the heroes of the Bible. SmallVille continues the process started in TinyTown of teaching children about God and developing a relationship with Jesus while still having a blast!


Grades 1 – 6

In BigCity Pastor Lisa leads the children in an energetic experience filled with skits, puppets, costumed characters, games, movies, and illusions! BigCity provides a safe environment for young children to learn how to engage with Jesus and what a relationship with Him looks like in every-day life. Picking up where SmallVille leaves off, BigCity finishes introducing elementary school children to a vibrant and real relationship with Jesus while still having fun!


Journey Life Church is starting a special needs ministry for kids soon! If you have a special needs child or are interested in working on this program, Pastor Lisa would love to connect with you!


If you do have Kids, you will want to arrive a little early to get them checked in to Journey Kids. Trust us when we say we designed the space for kids. It’s safe, secure and it rocks! Most kids don’t want to leave.