What is Journey Forward?

We believe God is asking us to embrace the adventure with Journey Forward. It’s not about a building, it’s about people experiencing God. Think about this, we have the opportunity through our giving to sow into people who’s growth curve will outlive us.


Journey Forward Booklet

 The Plans

From the moment people pull onto campus, to the moment they check their kids in to Journey Kids. From the first sip of freshly brewed coffee, to the moment they find their seat. From the first song they hear to the moment they respond to the message, our heart is that people would feel like they have room. Room to take a step, room to worship, room to experience God, and room to connect with others. We are committed to making this happen for the families of our community that are looking for a place that has room for them. We will be a place they can call home.

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 Video Testimonies

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